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The PAPPI Reference Manual

Sandiway Fong
University of Arizona
Tucson AZ

[An on-line manual for grammar writers.]


Chapter 1: Introduction

Preliminaries and a brief overview of how the PAPPI system is organized.

Chapter 2: Constituent Structure

Predicates that construct, examine and modify constituents and their features.

Chapter 3: Control

Control flow predicates and constructs for stating conditions over constituent structure.

Chapter 4: Word and Lexicon

Predicates for the lexicon, obligatory and optional lexical features, and other word level operations such as the contraction mechanism.

Chapter 5: Phrase Structure Rules

The phrase structure rule compiler.

Chapter 6: Setup

How to set startup defaults, add a new language to the menu, and other setup hints.

Chapter 7: Miscellaneous

How to run batch and scripting jobs.

Including a full list of predicates.

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