User Interface

This page contains a quick summary and run-down for each part of the graphical user interface.

For some of the components, separate pages contain more detailed descriptions are referenced.

The Semantic Relations

The implemented WordNet semantic relations are displayed here. Each relation can be turned on or off individually by clicking on its checkbox.

For relation definitions, see the official WordNet documentation at the Princeton website: prologdb.5WN

[The summary of wnconnect's implementation of the Prolog database may also be of interest. See here.]

Common File Number

One extra relation has been pre-computed in this implementation.

Common file number is not part of the WordNet's Prolog distribution.

It can be defined as follows:

Given a word W belonging to distinct synsets S1 and S2 with offsets O1 and O2, respectively.

Suppose synsets S1 and S2 have file numbers N1 and N2, respectively.

Then common file number for the pairs (S1,O1) and (S2,O2) holds if N1 = N2.

Example: Verb senses of bust

Let's use Prolog as a database query language.

[We will assume wnconnect's Prolog implementation here.]

Bust as a verb belongs to 5 different synsets, i.e. has five different senses:

?- findall(S),s2(bust,v,_,S,_),L).
L = [200266721,201083468,201083844,201246161,201961102]
Three of these have the same file number 35 (
L = [(200266721,30),(201083468,35),
The glosses corresponding to these three senses are:
L = [
(201083468,'(go to pieces; "The lawn mower finally broke"; 
            "The gears wore out"; "The old chair finally 
            fell apart completely")'),
(201083844,'(ruin completely; "He busted my radio!")'),
(201246161,'(separate or cause to separate abruptly; 
            "The rope snapped"; "tear the paper")')]
The relation common file number will conflate these three senses.

The Options

Various options for displaying paths and graphs are documented here.

The Inputs

Type the search words in the From: and To: entry boxes and press the "Search" button. Search can be restricted by WordNet category: these are noun, verb, adjective, satellite adjective and adverb.

The "Stop" button, initially greyed out, can be used to terminate a search.

[Note that a response to the event of pushing Stop may not be immediate. wnconnect will poll this button every time it updates the statistics display.]

The Output Panel

Note the working directory /Users/sandiway shown above. (It will be different on your computer.)

Graphs are constructed, stored and rendered using files in the working directory.

All graph files will have the prefix wnconnectXXXXXX, where XXXXXX is a computer-generated six character name.

These files may be conveniently copied and imported into documents. Note that wnconnect does not delete them on exit.