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A Multilingual Parser for the Principles-and-Parameters Framework

News: MacOS X and Linux versions available for free download!

Selected Papers
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PAPPI Reference Manual
Constituent Structure
Word and Lexicon
Phrase Structure Rules

Double Object Constructions and the Zero Morpheme G
From Chapter 5 of Zero Syntax (Pesetsky 95)
(still under construction)

VP-Internal Subjects
How to modify the default theory in PAPPI to use VP-internal subjects.

Arabic PAPPI
VSO Word Order
AGR Criterion
OV Word Order
VP-internal subjects

MacOS X Page
System Requirements
Free Download (Updated January 29th 2005)
Running and Testing PAPPI
Explore the PAPPI System

Linux Page
Free Download (February 14th 2005)

Summary: Download posters!

poster1.pdf poster2.pdf

Selected Papers

(PDF 2.7MB) Japanese PAPPI. Fong, S.
In Researching and Verifying an Advanced Theory of Human Language, Report (5), pp. 445-464.
Kanda University of International Studies (KUIS), March 2001, Chiba, Japan.

(PDF 280KB) Parallel Principle-Based Parsing. Fong, S.
In Proceedings of Natural Language Understanding and Logic Programming (NLULP) 1999. pp. 45-57.
International Conference on Logic Programming (ICLP), Las Cruces, New Mexico. 1999.

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