Minimalist Machine Derivations

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  • On Phases (Chomsky, 2008):
    Example Instruction stream (clickable) Notes
    (5)(ii) Of which car did they find the driver?
    Which car did they find the driver of?
    [car, which, of, driver, the, find, 'v*', [they, d], 'Tpast', c_Q] Optional pied-piping: two derivations.
    (6)(ii) *Of which car did the driver cause a scandal? [scandal, a, cause, 'v*', [car, which, of, driver, the],'Tpast', c_Q] Subject island.
    Crashes as cQ cannot access wh-DP which car. wh-DP on the stack is blocked by stack entry the driver of which car.
    Constraint: if [A .. [B ..]] is pushed onto the stack, and [B ..] from a substream is already on the stack, A subsumes B and renders B unavailable on the stack.
    [Implementation: a subconstituent check is performed whenever something is pushed on the stack. B is removed from the stack.]
    (7)(ii) Of which car was the driver awarded a prize?
    Which car was the driver of awarded a prize?
    [car, which, of, driver, the, [prize, a, 'G2'], award, prt, 'v~', 'Tpast', c_Q] Chomsky: Parallel extraction to edge of cQ and T.
    Implementation: assume pair-merge for the driver of which car (object) and a prize (adjunct).
    Assume also that the adjunct doesn't pied-pipe here.
    [Normally pair-merged SOs do move together. G2 has feature no_pied_pipe, which blocks it from being placed on the stack.]
    cQ targets of which car
    T targets TOS the driver of which car.
    Optional pied-piping: two derivations.