Bike Friday Pocket Rocket Pro

Originally, I ordered this from Bike Friday back in 2009. Mostly Ultegra 9-speed, haven't made many changes over the years. Trick Oval carbon handlebars and aerobars. Put on a Pioneer powermeter crank, then a few years later Pioneer got shut down. Most recently, put on a Selle Italia triathlon saddle with cutout for comfort.

I sometimes use it for commuting. Put on a rear rack and a trunk bag. Inside is an ancient MacBook 12 laptop, lunch and clothing. I use the Loop for commuting. This picture was taken at 6pm in Oct 2021 on the way home after teaching. 21 miles - 34 km - each way.

Yes, it's much slower than both of my velomobiles, but I get to burn more kcal as I'm out there longer.

However, because of its superior portability, it's easy to take on board a flight.

For example, take it around Lake Biwa (琵琶湖), the largest lake in Japan. From Kyoto, it's a nice 200 km day ride.

Northern end of Lake Biwa.

If carefully packed, fits into a standard suitcase.

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