ChatGPT, Google Bard and Language Understanding

Updated: with the corresponding Google Bard responses.

Acknowledgements: Bob Berwick of MIT for suggestions, and Issam Rian of U. of Arizona for ChatGPT-4 answers.

File PDF .pptx Topic
Part 1 part1.pdf part1.pptx Structure: ambiguity and hierarchy. Control verbs.
Part 2 part2.pdf part2.pptx Anaphora resolution and pronominal binding.
Part 3 part3.pdf part3.pptx Jabberwocky.
Part 4 part4.pdf part4.pptx So-called "Tough movement"
Part 5 part5.pdf part5.pptx Relative clauses.
Part 6 part6.pdf part6.pptx Semantic Opposition
Part 7 part7.pdf part7.pptx The famous Buffalo sentence
Part 8 part8.pdf part8.pptx Simple PP attachment
Part 9 part9.pdf part9.pptx
Part 10 part10.pdf part10.pptx


The man the cat the dog chased saw ate a sandwich. Graphic art.

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